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Guess who is turning 80?!

Our founder, our friend, our mum Kate!

Her success is our success.
Her girls are our girls.
Let’s celebrate together.
Event Details

Our gift to Kate is to continue to love and care for our 90 girls and to begin construction on her vision of a primary school that will be open in January 2020. Her vision and legacy must continue because the lives and futures of these girls depend on it. For her birthday, we are asking our donors to be as generous as possible to add another $50,000 to Kate’s Kids Scholarship Fund, established to provide scholarships to deserving students including our girls and other qualifying children from the local community.



  • A very Happy Birthday and upcoming year to you Kate.

    Liz Cooper

  • I wish you a very happy, healthy 80th Birthday! You are an amazing, special woman, and an inspiration to me.

    Gwen Acker Wood

  • Happy Birthday, Mum Kate! I feel so lucky to know you and to be able to support you and all you do for the girls. I wish I could be there to celebrate your birthday!

    Love you,