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Volunteer Opportunities

Hekima Place welcomes volunteers both in our United States administration office and at our home and campus in Kenya.

For information on U.S. volunteering opportunities, please contact:
US Executive Director, Katie Matson
407 Morrison Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

For volunteers who hope to travel to Kenya, we recommend planning your trip at least several months in advance. Hekima Place welcomes volunteers to Kenya year round. We recommend that volunteers spend at least a week with us at the home, and actively encourage longer stays when possible. Volunteers come to Hekima Place to provide supplementary support to the housemothers (mums) and other staff, with the goal of helping our girls grow socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

“There are no words or pictures that can capture the experience of being a part of a different culture. In sharing time together you make human connections that touch the heart. It allows you the opportunity to understand another’s way of life with deeper compassion.”

Past volunteer Sara Moorestown, NJ

Volunteers contribute a great deal to Hekima Place. Hekima Place is home to a large extended family, and our staff and children enjoy welcoming volunteers into our community. Most volunteers will find the time they spend here with the children to be a fulfilling and life-changing experience.

There is a variety of work available and flexibility is required. For example:

  • Manual labor – assisting with property maintenance, cleaning and gardening.
  • School help – teaching, working as a classroom aid, organizing, supervising children’s activities (academic, sports, arts, crafts) both at Hekima School and at Hekima Place; assisting with homework, reading/playing with small children. Extracurricular program/activity ideas could include computer training, photography, music, drama, cooking, sports, etc.
  • Housekeeping – assisting staff and children with cooking, cleaning and chores.

Hours of work vary but volunteers are expected to work with the children at least five days per week. Mutually agreed upon free time will be arranged; however, it is generally expected that volunteers will be present on the weekends when the children are not in school. Volunteers are expected to work closely with the mums who live in the houses with the children, who will have plenty of suggestions on ways to spend quality time with the children.

Free time can be spent shopping or visiting local tourist sites, and many of our volunteers take a safari trip at the end of their stay in Kenya.

How to Apply

We recommend volunteers be at least 18 years of age and in good health.

Complete the volunteer Application Form.

Once we receive your initial application and contact you, you will need to submit:
  1. Resume
  2. Full application
  3. Child Abuse Clearance form from the state in which you reside
  4. Criminal Record Check from the state in which you reside
  5. Signed and dated Hold Harmless Agreement

Please direct any additional questions to our Volunteer Coordinator, Lorraine Bridy.

For volunteers whose applications have been approved, additional information on your trip is provided in the visitor guides.